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✘ Trust your wings ¿

Warrior of dream

★Warrior of Dream

Name: Magda

From: Poland

Age: 24

Occupation Free / Almost Master Degree in Tourism and Recreation (management department)

Info: Crazy girl with warrior and romantic/artist girl.

Me: artist, teaholic, fitgirl, lover of fantasy books/anime/manga, thinker, crazy, easygoing, sometimes overemotional , funny, cheerful, optimistic, full of energy, positive, inspired, natural rebel, don't like rules.... seeking for more from life..

♥ LOVE drawing, writing, reading fantasy books, photography, dancing, art, give piece of advice, games, Asian music, Asian dramas, green tea, joking around, anime&manga, architecture, psychology, travels, fitness, games (DmC and Tomb Raider the most)

♫ MUSIC TYPE: INSTRUMENTAL trailer/epic music , K-pop, J-rock, Rock, Symphony/Gothic metal, Instrumental

♫ Fav bands/singers:
THE REST: VIXX, BLOCK B, 2ne1, Boys Republic, 100%, BTOB, B.A.P, U-Kiss, MyName, N-Sonic, Speed,
I listen to many kpop groups.... also jpop Akiko Shikata, Fayland, Kalafina & other

J-ROCK/VISUAL KEI – Alice Nine, Versailles, One ok rock, the Gazette, Lolita23Q, Asriel, Lost Ash, DuelJewel, Vivid, D, Vamps, Abingdon School Boys, Girugamesh, Matenrou Opera, FEST VAINQUEUR ……

OTHER: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Evanescence, Tarja Turunen , Firefligh, The Dirty Youth, Nox Arcana,

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Fight for your own life

"Let's ROCK"

SOME ICONS on my LJ - are made by me - PLEASE NOT STEAL THEM