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✘ Trust your wings ¿
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Blog about my life, full of my creations like (photos, pictures, sketches, writing) + my fav music, motivations and randoms things ♥

My pictures, photos, writing ©warrior-of-dream. Don't use it, post, redistribute without my permission.

9th-Mar-2015 12:27 pm - [PHOTO] 1 year with my dog
Kitty RAWR
In February 1 year passed since we took our dachshund and gave him new home.
He is one of the sweetest dog ever, probably because after what he experienced
shelter and because of his previous master and other unfair people,
he grew up to be so attached and he gives love back in 200%.
Most of my dogs in past tend to be a bit like cats,
they wandered a lot and took their own path and only play with you or spend time with you when they wanted.
He's different. He just simply love to be close to human and feel love.
He cuddle a lot to us and tend to always want to stroke him, like non stop, I'm not even joking.
He sometimes rest with us but he lies with every member of family different, for example he always lie on my heart, he put his head and ear on my hear and fall asleep, he always calm me down, when I feel anxious or my illness gives me hard time.
To be honest he is really my life savior.

So I prepared few photos with him,
sorry that it's not much and most of them seems similar but I tend to chapture his gracious side,
he moves a lot & it's hard during play to take a decent photo of him OTL

His main hobby is crashing all empty water bottles,
he always comes to my room and check out my trash bin for empty bottle
(since I drink lots of water/ not only tea), but he never take it out by himself.
when I give it to him he crash it and play with it, we called  him RECYCLE DOG!
I don't know why he love to do it, but it's so cute and
I love to see him happy and excited while he do it.
Anyway the noise during the process is horrible,
it sounds like cracking bones - maybe that's why he likes it, you know animal instincts o.o

um three of us!
Me (hair), Volcano & Alex
Always playing outside with ringo xD

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~~Warrior of Dream
8th-Mar-2015 01:42 pm - CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

It's so deep, really just watch/listen this few minutes ^^
It shows that everything depend of you & your will!

For me it was very inspirational video since for past few months I deal
with disappointment, failure and overwhelm to some extend level
that's it's suffocating.
I heard "these" stuffs many times, long time ago but I forgot
and I become less visible to the world, less willing to live and progress.
Just do sth! It doens't have to be perfect!

When you will think that you may not live long on earth
or have time to go to see to acomplish all things, I'm wondering how it could shape your future or your current day
and your overlook on things, everything would seems small, even some big problem, right??
It's better to understand it before it's to late!

~~Warrior of Dream

You think you are the mess, your life is uncertain and everybody has it better!
To be honest just looking the lives of my friends, I realized how selfish we can be thinking we have it the worst
or we have it the most hard or uncertain, everybody does!!!
I think weshoudn't portray our life as the worst, we simple need to take a grip of it
and try to make it better! if life hit us, we should hit harder and push forward ^^

I also realized how wonderful is "helping other ppl".
It's so surprising to me, when recently when I fell down and have hard problematic life with my illness and inner problems
some of my fiends help me a lot and at the same time even with this "breakable" condition of mine
I felt my other friends! it's like the circle of help with spinning around from one to other and fix each other life!
Seriously friends share some of your time for your friends, especially if you care about them!
even if you feel lost in your own life, who knows maybe still sb have it worst or
you have some kind of advice or knowledge which help others to dig up from their own mess
and at the same time you may find your own way out of your own problems and insecurities.

I always though since I have my problems I can't handle a decent help for others, it's not true
my life prove me wrong and I hope you also can realize it

~~Warrior of Dream

Hakuouki - Saito relax time
It took me a bit to hunt down these beasts!
Normally one figure - 5cm height costs around 20$ (without shipping) so for 3 or whole set you could pay hella lots of more,
definitely too much even for such a pretty figures (which are only 5 cm height!!!!!!!!!!).
I managed to save money to get them and I paid only 22$ including shipping for all 3 !!
Amazing deal isn't it *grinning* “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”
They were stated on ebay as "used" but they look like new and what's the most important,
they are authentic from Japan!
Anyway let's go to see their beauty in person hu hu (((\(@v@)/)))
since Hakuouki figures represents the samurai !
I decided to come with sakura - Japanese spring season themed photoshoot!

Hakuouki one coin figure

from right to left
Saito, Kazama & Okita

Saito figure is so cute and really represent his moody/shy personality, also
it so surprising how manufacture keep eye on every single detail, like
he is left handed so katanas are places on different side than normally,
he has scarf and pony tail etc..

Kazama one of ym fav character from anime, I simply love bad character,
he turned to be "not that bad" if you don't count urge to kill another character, but still
he is my fav ( ˘ ³˘) ♥ ♥ ♥
the details on his yukata, obi and "coat" are so amazing for such tiny figure ٩(●ö●)۶

Okita!!! how manufactures can with one simple expression show "their" whole personality

this smile represent everything he is, so adorable!!

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~~Warrior of Dream

Kitty WINK
I'm so thanful for all postcards I got for Christmas/New Year season!
it means a lot, really!!
At the same time I feel so ashamed of myself, because
I haven't sent any postcard this eyar to anyone ;A;
I'm so sorry, I was broke before Christmas =__=
I'm so happy with everything I got, so I decide to
put all cards in one post to show you how much they mean to me!

I haven never seen such a beautiful card, it's sparky and wonderful!
it shows magical winter celebration of Christmas by animals ;;
all of them look so real and cute!!
I just can't! where did u get such a cute card ???
I also thankful to my friend for what she wrote inside, her words gave me spark
for New Year to be honest, I still repeat her words about inspiration and art!

This one is from my Filipino friend!
they have such a cute cards company!!
tiny owls with cup of tea and scarfs..what can be more heart melting?!.awwww.....
for me it screams CUTE!!!!
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Hope this year will be filled with blessing and lots of happiness,
health and fortune for all of you!
Never give up & don't look back!

"Strive for PROGRESS

2015 Calendar in manga style!
got it as a free bonux from my manga purchase last month!!!
It's so cute >3<

Caledar is very simplified inside/ no colors/, each page has cute chacter in chibi style
drew by my fav Polish author Meago!

Above it shows my short list of
My new year 2015 resolutions* GOALS **
My goals gonna be more details /as one of my dear friend recomended me to do.
Gonna do it soon!

I wanna become a better person, grow to love myself more
and trust myself!
Also share mor eof my time with all my friends
I was pretty bad friend last year, so sorry (_ _)

Do you have any new goals which you want to achive soon?
let me know!!!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
*really dislike temrs resolutions
**sorry for my ugly handwriting,
after uni ended I still can't get used to pretty writing -`д´-

~~Warrior of Dream
30th-Dec-2014 11:31 am - More christmas decorations
Warrior Lighting
Another post with bunch of Christmas decorations from my room ^^

et this owl for 1$ yesterday,
it's mega adorable (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

there is nothing more charming than candlelight and beautiful arrangement!
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19th-Dec-2014 08:36 pm - A bit of Christmas stuffs
Kitty WINK

Wondering if you guys alreayd preparing for Christmas?

When December begun time took stpe by stpe in a very snail speed, I though Christmas would never come,
now I'm sitting and wondering how it's less than few days till it???? HOW, WHEN??

I finally managed to decorate my lamp in Christmas theme!!!
I prefer white/blue/silver theme for Christmas decoration tbh, but it turned out
I had plenty of red/white stuffs at home OTL

Close up!!! hu hu

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~~Warrior of Dream

16th-Dec-2014 04:37 pm - My road to .....
Always miracle
How I feel right now in songs lyrics
"You're so tired trying to rewind the mess you've made of your own mind
But the pieces won't pick up themselves, you know"

"I meant it when I said I wanna GET WELL , I wanna GET WELL
Are the rest of you so content
Stay where you are but it hurts like hell"

Even if you don't knwo Korean listen to this song (there are eng subs CC yt button)
This song was what I need right now, the melody brings you to fantasy world, it's so so EPIC!
Also the meaning behind lyrics and Dia's vocal is pleasure to ears!
~~~Warrior of Dream
13th-Dec-2014 04:26 pm - [PHOTO] Shadow of winter tree
Warrior Lighting
"I'm your shadow, darker than darkness.
darker than blackness,
darker than your fear
I'm always with you I'm your shadow"

~~by me

"Higer to the light!
even shadow can't exist without a light"

~~be me
~~Warrior of Dream
12th-Dec-2014 07:48 pm - [PHOTO] Paper snowflakes
Warrior Lighting
Few samples of snowflakes I done few days ago, I check this site for some inspirations,
I actually never tried cutting piece of paper in real snowflakes. Most of time the final look of mine creations remind
round/square napkins.

ehemsnowflake?! XD

Heart-like snowflake

Forest snowflake!
They are not very detailed because I had only very thick white paper at home,
which was very hard to cut with scissors but still I adore the effect!
/ I LOVE ALL SNOWFLAKES / snowflakes motive is one of the most winterish element ever!

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~~Warrior of Dream
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