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✘ Trust your wings ¿
Time flies so fast in busy daily life 
24th-Mar-2011 08:25 pm
Warrior Lighting
Hello and sorry people -___-'''
I'll update LJ maybe with new photos or some entries about random things soon,
but right now I don't have time and power..
Igot to know that tomorrow I have IT and I had to do with my group presentation for tommorow.
I ended it right now, but uhh.. this weekend will be very short.. ;____;

They will still 1h our from time ( changed season = changed time = we set our clocks one hour forward >___>)
I hate it, they still my precious time T___T
and I was planning to go shopping with my parents on Saturday every jeans are too big for me and I don't have clothes
all things in my wardrobe are very old and too big on me >___<
so I won't have much time during this weekend.. and I need to learn law ( like on every weekend) and
do other things for Uni and I'm planning to draw more regulary .. uhh..

so I'll try to update my lj soon...
thansk you all again for birthday wishes, they made me really hyper.. *hugs & kisses*

btw.. why gifs doesn't work on imageshack and LJ O__________O ?
Bye ^3^
~~Warrior of Dream
27th-Mar-2011 09:27 am (UTC)
Agroturytyka (in PL)
it is
Agritourism is a kind of rural tourism and is characterized by the linkage of tourism with a farm. Holding the rhythm of life, determined the dates and seasons of field work at the Rite of farm animals, exhibiting the characteristic smells, sounds, colors such as the sound of bubbles when milking, the sounds of cattle on pasture wypędzanego, crowing roosters, the smell of fresh milk, etc. is about the uniqueness and the uniqueness of rural tourism . In addition, close contact with family farming, with whom he spends the time, opportunity to learn about its history and traditions, direct conversation, share their own concerns and experiences, friendly and hospitable atmosphere of the house remain in memory longer than an anonymous stay in most luxurious hotel.

but I will be in wooden small house (it isn't very big) without animals of farm, it will be like spend vacation close to forest and nature, people go there to rest, be close to nature, do campfire etc..
you eat handmade food etc..
and I'll help there a bit and talkign with guests :D

of course I'll write abotu it and show you many photos... :D
but it will in the middle of August ^^
28th-Mar-2011 02:50 pm (UTC)
There's nothing like that here. Now I'm very curious. ^o^ I'm the one getting excited with your practice. :D
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